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Rocko & Suzy's Honors English 9!

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"Theme"; "Central Idea"

Theme = the moral of the story/article (can be applied to other texts); for example, the seduction of illusion.
Central Idea = what/who the story is about (cannot be applied to other texts); for example, Dexter's idealized image of Judy Jones, for a time, defines his idea of romance.

April Come She Will

You've the lyrics for this song.  On the lyrics sheet, connect the song's content with Dexter's love of Judy from F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams."  Have this filled out by NEXT SESSION.

"Bubbles" 7-Up Commercial (1975)

 Back in the '70s, 7-Up billed itself as the "Uncola," meaning not Pepsi, not Coke.  Watch how this video takes entertainment styles from the 1930s, 1950s, and 1970s to make its pitch.

Air France In-Flight Safety Video

An Air France flight attendant instructs passengers in French and English on proper cabin etiquette.  Air France is the national airline of France.  Lufthansa is the national airline of Germany.  Though the content of the two videos is different (Air France, cabin etiquette; Lufthansa, brand new airplane), it's interesting how France has a reputation for "fashion" and Germany for "industrial prowess".  These videos tend to emphasize these national "overtones."