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College of the Canyons: College Now & First Year Experience & Contact/Help Information

Have questions about College of the Canyons?
Go to the Ask Canyons Days website to schedule a meeting with a representative utilizing Zoom or Google Chat.
Want to take College Classes at COC?

Visit the College Now! Website for details on how to sign up for summer courses. The website has been updated to support online learning.

Have more questions about College Now, concurrent enrollment, or dual enrollment?
College of the Canyons(COC)- Summer School Registration (Future 11th and 12th graders only)


Once you know which classes you would like to take, send your College Now form

to your counselor for the appropriate signatures. When it is all completed, your counselor will send it back to you.


Submit the College NOW! Form for the semester/term you are applying to before the high school registration date by either:

      • Emailing the completed form with all required signatures to earlycollege@canyons.edu.  A scanned copy or picture will be accepted. Remember to send the front and back side of the form.
      • Dropping off in the Document Drop Box located on the COC Valencia Campus in the Campus Circle (Main entrance off Rockwell Canyon Road).  Please place your College NOW! Form in an envelope marked Admissions & Records - College NOW! Program.


Ask Canyons Days(Formerly Ask Canyons Tuesdays). COC representative, Jade Pearson is set up to assist students via email and through appointments utilizing Zoom and Google Chat from the Ask Canyons Days webpage.

           College of the Canyons Senior Outreach


Students are now able to complete Assessment & Advisement online by visiting the New Student Checklist webpage.


Still have questions about COC? . Representative, Jade Pearson, is set up to assist students via email and through appointments utilizing Zoom and Google Chat from the Ask Canyons Days webpage.


Check out the COC New Student Checklist page for more information:


  • Please check appropriate COC schedule to make sure it does not conflict with WRHS classes. 
  • Remember taking classes at COC will be on your permanent college transcript.
  • It is your responsibility to request to have "official transcripts" sent to WRHS if you want the grades recorded on your HS transcripts.   
6.2 For community college courses taken on a concurrent basis, a school shall assign an additional grade point to A, B, and C grades only under the following conditions:

a. The course is transferable to UC/CSU and is a course in English, math, social studies, science, foreign language, or a course which the district offers as AP.
Still Have Questions about COC? How to Navigate it all?  Contact the Experts at COC Outreach and School Relations: 661-362-5891 or https://www.canyons.edu/studentservices/outreach/