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Library Mission & Support

West Ranch High School is committed to challenging and motivating each student to achieve excellence and become a responsible and valuable member of society. Through relationships, rigor and relevance, West Ranch High School promotes integrity, distinction and vision.
Interested in supporting to our West Ranch Library? 
1. Help add  eBooks to our eLibrary Honor With Books
            (contact Mrs. Erickson for more information)
2.  Purchase your magazines via our support portal below
3.  Donate time-- Parent Volunteers work at lunch to assist staff at Help Desk; Student Volunteers work before, and after school to assist with library tasks.
4.  Donate treasure-- West Ranch thanks our parents and community support, With funds donated, we purchase new ebooks, print and databases for student use.
5.  Join the Ralph's Community Program--See tool bar for directions


After you register/log in and begin using the eTools provided, you and all those you contact will be able to support our online program. FRIENDS OF WEST RANCH LIBRARY CLUB is excited to share this program because it offers over 1,500 products to chose from. Each product comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


In addition to high-quality products you will love to give or keep for yourself, there are over 600 magazine selections-including digital editions of some of your favorite magazines. This makes it easy for you to promote reading at home. To get started, just click the “Continue” button below.  You can also donate to our library for student and teacher use at school West Ranch High School ID # 2718401   


Thanks again for your help!