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Computer Lab Signups

  • Use the links below to select the lab.
  • Use the tabs on the spreadsheet to select the month
  • Use the pull-down menu on each period to select your name for sign up
  • Each period is divided into two parts: Early is the first half of the period and Late is the second half of the period

Remember: We only have four computer labs. Please limit your signups to half period whenever possible.
Science teachers have priority on the 300 building computer lab. Please check with Laura Solarez or Shawn Zeringue before signing up for space in the 300 lab.
Science teachers, please try to limit your use to the 300 computer lab as much as possible.

  • Do not remove a teacher's name from a time slot. If you have an issue, contact the person who is signed up for the slot and see if you can work something out.
  • Additional classroom lab space may be available if all labs and Chromebook Carts are booked. Contact Dan Doggett for more information.