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Kylie Trammell » Concussions


What is a concussion?
A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs when an individual gets hit in the head or hits their head. When this happens the brain shifts moves quickly back and forth often times causing the brain to hit against the side of the skull creating bruising or bleeding in the brain. 
What to do if my student has a concussion?
If you believe your student has a concussion please have them come check in with me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if they have not done so already. I will then put them through a series of memory, cognitive, and balance tests which will then be compared to the athlete's  baseline test if available.  All athletes participating in high risk sports are preseason baseline tested their freshman and junior years.  If your child is suspected of having a concussion following testing I will then notify you, as the parent, I recommend you take him/her to the doctor (MD only) to get further evaluated for a concussion. Your student will then have to continue checking in with me on a daily basis to monitor his/her symptoms.  Once completely symptom free your student then and only then will be able to start the 7-day return to play (RTP) protocol.  Please see the attached forms for more information on the return to play protocol.
If you believe your child has sustained a concussion and you are unable to have him/her see me within 24 hours please take the attached Concussion Evaluation and Clearance Form with you to the doctor and have your student bring that document as well as any other documents received to me when they return to school.