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Wall of Honor

The West Ranch Wall of Honor is a project designed to honor the men and women who graduated from West Ranch High School in Santa Clarita, California, and made the choice to serve in the armed forces or as a first responder.


Each year our school graduates hundreds of students but only a few make the choice to defend our nation or serve their community.  We wish to show our respect and thanks for their duty and sacrifice with a mural monument on the campus of West Ranch High School.


The school administration has designated a prime area of the campus, near the main entrance, just a few feet from the pole that flies the flag of our nation.  On this site a giant mural depicting the images of these brave heroes as well as the emblems of the five branches of military and fire and police services.  Next to the mural will be a wall of plaques with the names, graduation dates and service of our graduates.


A special plaque will be reserved to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their commitment to our nation. 


It is our hope the wall becomes a badge of honor for those it acknowledges and a place of quiet reflection for everyone who visits it.  It will be a simple monument, one that will make anyone who stands before it feel good that there are people in our community willing to keep us safe around the globe and in our homes.


Our wall will continue to be a work in progress and now we turn to you, the students, staff, graduates, families and friends of West Ranch to support this project financially. Our aim is to raise funds to cover the cost of the materials needed for the wall.  This is an evolving monument and each year we anticipate adding several names to the wall.  Excess funds will support the project for years to come.  The project has been founded by members of West Ranch’s ASB program and ASB will maintain the funding now and in the future.


The only people honored on the wall will be those who served. Those who contribute will have the honor of knowing they showed their respect and thanks through a contribution.  Please help us say thank you to our brothers and sisters from West Ranch who chose to stand on the front lines for our safety and security.

Please go to this link to submit an alumni’s name for the wall.


Please go to this link to make a donation towards the Wall of Honor or complete the attached form and mail it to West Ranch High School ASB.