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Welcome to American Sign Language! 
If you are a new student, parent, or guardian then welcome! Returning students, parents, and guardians, welcome back! As always, I hope we have a fun and exciting year together. I always try to make my class fun and engaging as possible and I ask you, the student, to be as engaged as possible. 
Please know that I want you to succeed. I always joke that students need to actively work to get a low grade in my class because I structure classes so that you succeed! I do not like giving D's or F's but I will if I need to. 
To succeed in ASL what is expected from you (the student) is to practice everyday, especially on the days I do not see you! This does include Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. When you are in class, make sure your eyes are open and tracking the signer (me, video, peer) and you are actively participating.
Even if you are only understanding a few signs, that is still great! If you are not understanding and you give up, then you will continue to struggle. It is okay to not understand, you are learning a new language. What is important, is that you continually try, write down what you understand, and sign what you can. I am there to support you in your learning and your peers also want you to succeed. We all want to succeed together.