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Español 1

Mrs. Holly Zeilenga
2017-2018 School Year
Foreign Language

Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 1. Spanish is an academic elective course in which students will study the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. The students will build reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills in the language and will use the target language in class whenever possible. 

We will be learning basic grammar structures, common expressions, and vocabulary on topics such as introductions and greetings, numbers, time, school, the city, family and friends, hobbies and free time activities, and professions. I am looking forward to an exciting year exploring this new language together. 

Spanish One  Tentative Test Schedule

Lección 4A
February 2nd
Lección 4B
February 28th
Lección 5A
March 20th
Lección 5B
April 20th
Lección 6A
May 10th
Lección 6B
On the final


**You will also have a vocabulary quiz every chapter.

Test Retake Policy

Students may retake a test if they receive a D or F on their initial test, their two scores will be averaged to obtain their new test score. They must follow the procedures in order to retake the test. The procedures include taking notes on their mistakes while Mrs. Zeilenga goes over the test in class, attending either lunch time help or tutorial with Mrs. Zeilenga and studying for two half hour sessions at home. All steps must be documented and signed off by the appropriate adults. Students must also fill out the retake letter letting me know what their plan of action is. The forms that need to be completed can be found on my website and also in my classroom. The test can only be retaken up to two weeks after the initial test and students are only allowed 2 per semester. Study guides must be completed before the initial test to be eligible for a retake.


Extra Credit

1. You may interview a Spanish speaking person on film inquiring information about their life (i.e. childhood, school, work, family, where they live, what they like to do etc.) Your questions need to be at the level of Spanish that you are enrolled in. Ask Mrs. Zeilenga if you have questions. The video must be accompanied by a script of the questions and answers given. The interview should be between 3 and 6 minutes and done in Spanish. Limit 1 per semester.

2.  Bring in a newspaper or magazine article regarding the Spanish Language, Spanish people, culture or history and write 2-1 chunk paragraphs discussing the article. Limit 1 per semester.

3. Save bathroom passes. Students can turn them in at the end of the semester for extra points if the majority of their homework assignments have been completed.

4. Extra pesos collected during the units will be counted as extra credit. There is a cap on extra pesos per unit & at the end of the semester. Students are not able to earn extra credit pesos for the days they are absent.


Upcoming Assignments RSS Feed

No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments


All assignments and this calendar will need to be turned in no later than March 20th.


Here is the homework calendar for the current chapter. The calendar will be collected the day of the test, February 28th.


Chapter 4A homework calendar- there are nightly homework assignments that are stamped off during the following class period. The calendar will be turned in at the end of the chapter on February 2nd.