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Welcome to the Counseling page!  Use the links to the right of this page to see more Counseling Links and Information.  Staff link to the right has contact information for the Counselors as well as listed in the questions below. We have a number of great videos and resources linked to our website for your convenience. 




Counselor Contact Information during Distance Learning


How do I contact my counselor? You can drop in on open zoom office hours, email your counselor  or call to schedule a phone or zoom appointment at 661-222-1220 ext. 141. Below you will find the zoom links as well as counselor email information.


Students: Your Counselors are available for students without an appointment

during Open Office Hours via drop in “Zoom” (for students only). A virtual waiting

room will be in place, you will be let in once your Counselor is available. If the

counselor is faced with a student emergency, all students in the wait room will be

removed so you don’t have to keep waiting. You can also email your counselor

directly with questions! Counselors will get back to you within 24 hours.

Remember, counselors are available by appointment and more time may be

opened up based on need. For more information click on the Counselor Virtual Flyer here.


Students on campus(Hybrid) can scan the QR code to see their counselor. QR codes are posted outside the counseling office and around campus. 

Counselor Zoom Office Hours are: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-1:40pm.
If you need another zoom time, please contact your counselor directly and they will be happy to schedule another time for you.
Counselors Open Office Hours ZOOM LINKS are below:

(Students, make sure your full name is displayed. You will not be let in if the name is not recognizable.)


Ms. Ferry


Meeting ID: 951 8404 0945

Passcode: Wildcats


Mrs. Warford



Meeting ID: 845 6712 1118

Passcode: 437610


Mrs. Reynos


Meeting ID: 820 2295 9956

Passcode: MrsReynoso


Mrs. Woolridge( I will not be available for office hours today, Thursday 3/25.)


Meeting ID: 939 9807 7065

Passcode: 9GZASb


Mr. Gimber 


Meeting ID: 983 4932 5028

Passcode: 3DhDiA


Parents: You may email the Counselor or contact Christine Smith at x141 to set up a

phone call or virtual meeting. Counselors will respond to emails and phone calls

within 24 hours.


What is my Counselor’s email address?

Ms. Ferry A-DAM: jferry@hartdistrict.org

Mrs. Warford: DAN-IF: tfox@hartdistrict.org

Mrs. Reynoso: IG-MIN: creynoso@hartdistrict.org

Mrs. Woolridge: MIO-SAN: jwoolridge@hartdistrict.org

Mr. Gimber: SAO-Z: cgimber@hartdistrict.org


Crisis Information

Some resources to help support you during this time.

-Call 911 if you are in immediate danger to yourself

-Call 1-800-273-8255 (Suicide Prevention Hotline)

-Text “HOME” to 741741 to speak with a trained crisis specialist

-Need help? Want to speak to someone? have concerns or just need

someone to listen? contact: STRENGTH UNITED. Advocates are available 24 hrs

a day. San Fernando- (818) 886-0453 and Santa Clarita Valley (661) 253-0258

(Los servicios también están disponibles en español)

Hart District Warm-Line Request- For any student that is stressed, feeling down,

or in need to talk one- on- one to a social worker.

Community Resources Guide. Click Here.


-For more wellness resources visit the Hart District Wellness site.



-For more resources visit the West Ranch Wellness Center Website HERE.


Click here for a list of Support Programs in our area.


Test Anxiety and Finals. Click here for the powerpoint presentation.



Below you will find answers to some of your questions. You can also check the grade folders to the right for specific information pertaining to your grade
AP Testing-Thank you AP students for registering for your exams. The District/College Board's payment system, Total Registration closed at 3:00 pm on 11/2/20. There is no late registration option available. Good luck on your exams!
PSAT: Please see the link below for information on alternatives for the PSAT. 


For COC, CollegeNow information, please check the 11th and 12th
Grade Folders to the right.
Work Permits:  Email Yuleth Cambaliza at: ycambaliza@hartdistrict.org.
Once you have secured employment, please fill out the work permit
application along with the Affidavit of Compliance with Shelter in
Place and have it signed by the employer.  Please email the
application and affidavit and Mrs Cambaliza will set up an online appointment with you to
finish the process.  Thank you for your assistance with the remote
process while we continue to be safe during this time. 


Visit the Pathways To My Future page for information about upcoming college events.


Did you miss Back to School Night? Click here for the counseling video. 


Click here for the University of California Testing Requirement for Undergraduates


 Click here for SAT and PSAT-Related Coronavirus Updates

 Click here for ACT Updates.


Department of Rehabilitation(DOR) General Services Video. 



Make sure to stay connected! Follow WR on Instagram or Facebook.



2020 Financial Aid Webinar. Watch Below


Struggling with College Apps and Information? Don't forget our helpful videos on the 12th grade page
Students Must be Enrolled in 5 classes as per California Code, Education Code - EDC: 46145
Commencing with the first semester or quarter that begins after January 1, 1984, pupils in grade 12 shall be enrolled in at least five courses each semester or the equivalent number of courses per quarter.  If any pupil in grade 12 is required by medical prescription to attend school for less than five courses during the semester or the equivalent number of courses during the quarter, the average daily attendance allowed for that pupil's attendance shall bear the same proportion to one day of attendance as the number of courses in which the pupil is enrolled bears to five or the equivalent number for the quarter system.
However, this requirement shall not apply to pupils enrolled in regional occupational programs, regional occupational centers, courses at accredited postsecondary educational institutions, independent study, special education programs where the pupil's individualized education program establishes a different number of courses, continuation education classes, work experience education programs approved under the provisions of Article 7 (commencing with Section 51760 ) of Chapter 5 of Part 28, or any other course of study authorized by the governing board which is equivalent to the approved high school course of study.
Please Note:
The option to have a Period 1 class is a privilege and students who request a Period 1 class are expected to meet the following criteria:
  1. At least a 2.0 GPA in the previous semester
  2. Excellent attendance and Behavior
  3. Students currently enrolled in a P.1 class earning more than 10 tardies and/or absences, will not be allowed to take a P.1 class the following semester.
  4. The availability of Period 1 classes are very limited, therefore students may not get their P.1 request.
  5. Period 1 classes are not guaranteed for siblings.
  6. We cannot guarantee a per. 1 for both semesters.