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Welcome Wildcats!

Welcome to the Counseling page!  Use the links to the right of this page to see more Counseling Links and Information.  Staff link to the right has contact information for the Counselors.
Need Help in your Classes? Don't forget our Tutorial! Teachers are in their classrooms to help from 8-8:25am.
Please note that the Counseling Office will be closed for Winter Break.  Counselors will not be available via phone or email so they can enjoy a well-deserved break to spend time with family and friends.  Schedules will be visible on Infinite Campus on the evening of January 11th. Any questions or concerns regarding schedules can be addressed when we return. Counselors will not be able to take or answer schedule requests via email or phone call during the break.
Hope you all have a safe and relaxing Holiday season!
Once again, you will be registering for your AP exams through the Total Registration website. Please access the internet from any MAC or PC and enter the following URL:  www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/053864 The window to purchase your exams during the regular registration will open from 8:00 am January 16th until 3:00 pm February 7th, 2019. Should you miss this window of opportunity you can still register between February 8th until February 14th, 2019. Registration during this late week will incur a $10 fee per exam. After February 14th at 3:00 pm, the purchasing window will close. For more detailed information, see handout provided in AP classes or CLICK HERE.
New Elective at WRHS!!! Check it out - Exploring Careers in Education: If you are interested, contact your Counselor to sign up!
  • Senior College Application Workshop for Students and Parents: August 30th at 6pm. (If you missed it the PowerPoint is posted on the 12th grade page and in Naviance)
  • UC Application Webinar (attend from the comfort of your home): September 11th at 6:30pm (presented by UCSB): Follow-up Videos and Resources available on the 12th grade page. 
  • College Admissions Workshop for Students and Parents (Grades 9-11): Check the grade level pages for Webinar and .pdf presentation
 Struggling with College Apps and Information? Don't forget our helpful videos on the 12th grade page
Students Must be Enrolled in 5 classes as per California Code, Education Code - EDC: 46145
Commencing with the first semester or quarter that begins after January 1, 1984, pupils in grade 12 shall be enrolled in at least five courses each semester or the equivalent number of courses per quarter.  If any pupil in grade 12 is required by medical prescription to attend school for less than five courses during the semester or the equivalent number of courses during the quarter, the average daily attendance allowed for that pupil's attendance shall bear the same proportion to one day of attendance as the number of courses in which the pupil is enrolled bears to five or the equivalent number for the quarter system.
However, this requirement shall not apply to pupils enrolled in regional occupational programs, regional occupational centers, courses at accredited postsecondary educational institutions, independent study, special education programs where the pupil's individualized education program establishes a different number of courses, continuation education classes, work experience education programs approved under the provisions of Article 7 (commencing with Section 51760 ) of Chapter 5 of Part 28, or any other course of study authorized by the governing board which is equivalent to the approved high school course of study.
Please Note:
The option to have a Period 1 class is a privilege and students who request a Period 1 class are expected to meet the following criteria:
  1. At least a 2.0 GPA in the previous semester
  2. Excellent attendance and Behavior
  3. Students currently enrolled in a P.1 class earning more than 10 tardies and/or absences, will not be allowed to take a P.1 class the following semester.
  4. The availability of Period 1 classes are very limited, therefore students may not get their P.1 request.
  5. Period 1 classes are not guaranteed for siblings.
  6. We cannot guarantee a per. 1 for both semesters.