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What is Xello?
Xello is a Career and College Readiness program. Xello gives students the opportunity to take assessments, complete lessons and activities that match them to career and college opportunities. 
You can also visit the Pathway To My Future page to log in. Click on Career Exploration.
Below are the tasks students will be completing for the 2022-2023 school year.  
9th Graders will: Update Matchmaker, Personality Style, Mission Complete, Learning Styles in About Me
Core Lessons: Getting Experience, Exploring Career Factors, Study Skills and Habits
Personality Style
10th Graders will: Update Activities in the About Me section if needed, Create one Career Plan in My Goals and Plans, Create resume using RESUME BUILDER in About Me
Core Lessons: Careers and Lifestyle Costs, Program Prospects, Work Skills and Attitudes
Work Values
11th Graders will: Explore College Planning in Goals and Plans. Create one school plan in My Plans in Goals and Plans. Save two majors in Explore Options. Save five schools in Explore Options
Core Lessons: Work/Life Balance, Choosing a College, Entrepreneurial Skills, Career Demand
12th Graders will: Update Saved Schools, Careers, Majors. Use College Planning for College application process. Complete Senior Survey at the end of the year.
Core Lessons: Career Path Choices, Career Backup Plans, Job interviews, Defining Success
Click on the link below for an introduction Xello.
Introduction to Xello
Xello Student Experience Overview
College Planning Tools using Xello.