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11th Grade Information

Welcome 11th Graders!
PSAT- Due to the uncertainty of our return to campus dates along with the restrictions, the District has decided to reschedule the PSAT to  January 26, 2021. More information coming soon! 
To access the College of the Canyons College NOW/Concurrent Enrollment Program go to: https://www.canyons.edu/studentservices/outreach/earlycollegeprograms/
COC Enrollment/Registration STEPS for Students

1. Apply to COC using the statewide community college application system, CCCApply.
2. Student sets-up their MyCanyons account (one time only).
3. Student completes a 1-time Orientation 
4. Student asks the counselor to approve the courses they want to take and get the counselor and principal signatures on the CNF. The CNF is sent to earlycollege@canyons.edu to process. 
5. Register & Pay. 
6. Attend Class. For Fall 2020, all classes will have an Orientation Letter students should read before the first day of class. Orientation Letters are used with Distance and Online Learning classes. Since all classes are one or the other, all classes have Orientation Letters found on https://www.canyons.edu/academics/onlineeducation/orientationletters/index.php
Students need to send the completed College Now form to their counselor for signatures and approval. Once it is signed(it may take up to 48 hrs) the student is responsible for sending it to COC. Please send to your completed College Now Form to: earlycollege@canyons.edu.
Have more questions about COC?  WR representative, Jade Pearson is set up to assist students via email and through appointments utilizing Zoom and Google Chat from the Ask Canyons Days webpage.

Requesting Transcripts from COC:

Students who are enrolled in a College NOW and/or Concurrent Enrollment course are NOW able to request their (2) FREE official transcripts online either through their My Canyons student account or directly from Credentials Inc. (the designated agent for processing and sending official electronic transcripts on behalf of College of the Canyons). A&R Official Transcripts Information


Students can request their (2) FREE transcripts online (instead of having to choose to pay the $5.00/$10.00 fee).  They also have the option of emailing their transcripts to a designated person at the high school. They will need to check the box under the “Special Order Conditions” section to be credited.  


Students are also able to download their unofficial transcripts to a pdf through their My Canyons account.

Click here for ACT Updates.
Financial Aid Webinar For Juniors and Seniors: Miss the Webinar? Not to worry, just click below for full recording. For access to the slides Click HERE
Financial Aid Recorded Webinar 2019 with Financial Aid Expert Tom Bilbruck
NCAA Initial Eligibility Standards

NCAA Eligibility Center Video

Did you miss the Webinar on the College Admissions Process? See below for the video and pdf. copy of the slides.
Understanding the Benefits of the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program.(WUE)
Please Note: The option to have a Period 1 class is a privilege and students who request a Period 1 class are expected to meet the following criteria:
  1.  At least a 2.0 GPA in the previous semester
  2. Excellent attendance and Behavior
  3. Students currently enrolled in a P.1 class earning more than 10 tardies and/or absences, will not be allowed to take a P.1 class the following semester.
  4. The availability of Period 1 classes are very limited, therefore students may not get their P.1 request.
  5. Period 1 classes are not guaranteed for siblings.
  6. We cannot guarantee a per. 1 for both semesters.