Safe School Plan

Safe School Plan

The safety of our students at West Ranch High School is always a top priority. West Ranch High School has a Safe School Plan which includes disaster preparedness and evacuation procedures. If an emergency occurs during class time, teachers will guide their classes to the evacuation area on the soccer field at the rear of campus. If there is an emergency before classes begin, during brunch, lunch, or after school, students are always to report to their 4th period class, regardless if it is a day in which they attend their odd or even classes.

Where to pick up your child if the campus is evacuated:
In the event of an evacuation, students will be released to their parents or an authorized adult, listed on the student’s Emergency Card, at the school’s Student Release Gate. The Student Release Gate during an evacuation is located on the west end of campus by the tennis courts. Please be prepared to present identification to verify that you are on the student’s emergency card.

Disaster Plan:
West Ranch High School’s Disaster Plan is the Standardized Incident Management System (SIMS) and National Emergency Management System (NEMS), which are emergency response processes, required by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive. This directive ensures a consistent nationwide approach for all governmental agencies to work together with a common, recognizable plan that is standardized for all.

Emergency Procedures:

Earthquakes: During an earthquake, teachers will adhere to the following protocol:
Implement DROP, COVER, HOLD.
Follow the Emergency Action Plan by taking the teacher roll book and escorting the class (when safe) to a pre-designated evacuation assembly area. Evacuation maps are posted in each classroom.
Take roll and send Accountability Report with the runner to the Command Post.

Fire: Students will exit room quietly; gather in Disaster Assemble Area with the assigned teacher; teachers will complete an accountability report; wait for instructions. The Emergency Response Team will oversee the following procedures: Set up a Command Post and First Aid Station.  Deploy the Search and Rescue Team.  Establish a Student Reunion/Release Gate for parents/guardians.

Student Care:
We have an emergency supply bin at West Ranch High School that is stocked with food, water, first aid supplies and emergency response equipment. Depending on the severity of the event, West Ranch High School may be designated as Red Cross Center, with all of their support and professional services.

Parent & Student Reunion/Release:
Students will be released to their parents or an authorized adult, listed on the student’s Emergency Card, at the school’s Student Release Station near the tennis courts on the south end of campus. Parents or their designated representatives will be asked to present identification before the student is released to him/her.

Access to Status Reports of schools:
Parents can get an updated status report on the condition of West Ranch High School by accessing the following resources: Parents will receive an automated telephone phone call with updated conditions and school plans. Local radio station, KHTS AM 1220, will have updated information about our local schools, as well as other vital conditions throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. When possible, our web site at will contain up to date information.