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We are very excited to start athletics both at home at West Ranch and away at one of our other 6 district sites.  This email includes important reminders about visiting one of our campuses.
If you are receiving this email, you were registered as an Immediate Household member for a West Ranch Student Athlete.  It is very important to remember that while you are registered, we can only have two immediate household members in attendance per athlete for each athletic event.  Please communicate with the parent/guardian prior to the event to know who will be the two immediate household members in attendance.    
Powerpoint: below to remind you of the items we covered in last weeks meeting.  
Entrance: Athletes may arrive at their coaches designated time through one of the specified points of entry in the maps.  Observers cannot enter campus until 60 minutes prior to the event.  Please make sure you have the health screening questions completed prior to arriving on our campus.  
Maps for Campuses: Here is a link to all maps for our district. 
Crisis Go for Athletes: When students attend in-person school, parents will complete the daily health screening questions via the email they receive.  This Green QR Code can be used for school and any athletic events on our West Ranch campus.  HOWEVER, when a student athlete has an away game, they must complete the Visitor Health Screening Questions and select the campus that they game/match occurs on.  See attachment for the Visitor QR Code/Link.  
Crisis Go for Spectators: Spectators WILL NOT receive the daily emails.  Document is attached that includes an Observer link and QR Code, recommended to print document and put it on your fridge.  Observers must complete the Health Screening Questions ON the day that they will be attending an on campus event.  When you select a building, you must select the campus that you will be on.  For example, tomorrow, March 16, Girls Frosh Soccer plays at Valencia.  Observers MUST select Valencia when attending the game.  
Live Streaming: Live streaming is available through NFHS.  
Great news, all 7 schools have moved forward today with a site license!!  Every regular season game will be free to watch for every parent/community member. Please note that this does not include post-season game play, such as playoffs or finals.  The only thing a parent/community member would need to do is create a nfhsnetwork.com account to watch these games within the district!  Only games that are live streamed occur on our track/turf or inside the main gym, this is the same at every campus.  
Thank you for your patience and flexibility!  As I stated in the meeting last week, COVID guidelines are changing frequently.