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Guidance & Counseling » 10th Grade Information

10th Grade Information

Welcome 10th Graders!
Required Assignments/Tasks for Xello:
    • Complete the Careers and Lifestyle Costs
    • Watch the video below for an Introduction to Xello
  • Have Questions about College Requirements?:  Webinar providing you with an overview of what is to come.
The .pdf of the presentation below also provides you with updated pages and data. Great supplement to this video.
NCAA Initial Eligibility Standards

NCAA Eligibility Center Video



Please Note: The option to have a Period 1 class is a privilege and students who request a Period 1 class are expected to meet the following criteria:

  1. At least a 2.0 GPA in the previous semester
  2. Excellent attendance and Behavior
  3. Students currently enrolled in a P.1 class earning more than 10 tardies and/or absences, will not be allowed to take a P.1 class the following semester.
  4. The availability of Period 1 classes are very limited, therefore students may not get their P.1 request.
  5. Period 1 classes are not guaranteed for siblings.
  6. We cannot guarantee a per. 1 for both semesters.