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Course Description

ch 1study guide.pdf
Infectious Diseases FAQ
Microbial Zoo Assignment.pdf
ch 2 an overview of microbial life.pdf   Microbiology Midterm Project.pdf Microbial Pie Case Study.pdf
chapter 3 Macromolecules.pdf   Lab- Chemicals of Life-1.pdf    Final Lab Report.pdf   Microbial Pie Case Study worksheet.docx
Macromolecules Video Lecture
Video Lecture:
  Honors Microbiology Portfolio 2017.pdf  
macromolecules function ppt.pdf     Crystal Violet Staining of teeth bacteria.pdf   Final Study Guide for Microbiology Diseases.pdf  

Ebola video free response.pdf
crystal violet staining.pdf    
 EBOLA VIDEO worksheet 1.pdf  gram stain ADI.pdf    
   understanding bacteria video questions.pdf   Demonstration of motility.pdf    
  Coliform Analysis.pdf   Lab Investigation Nigrosin Staining.pdf    
 Enzymes lecture
Bacterial Enrichment from a Carrot Medium.pdf    
 Structure and Function of Bacteria
The Action of Bacteria on Simple Carbohydrates.pdf    
  Bacteria Structure and Function.ppt   Hydrolysis of Starch By Bacteria.pdf