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This Week at West Ranch August 9-15, 2020

Good afternoon West Ranch Parents,


I hope you were able to relax and have a great summer!  We are in an unprecedented time in our history as we start the 2020-2021 school year, but West Ranch teachers and staff have been hard at work preparing for distance learning and looking at ways to connect your students to our school.  We look forward to working together to making 2020-2021 the best school year yet!   


The following are events for This Week at West Ranch, August 10-14, along with information regarding distance learning. 



Because there are no classes on Monday, the schedule of classes changes from the one that is printed.  To help with planning with your student, we will include the weekly schedule in this weekly email.



Monday, Aug. 10       -           NO SCHOOL


Tuesday, Aug. 11       -           Period 1:  7am – 8am  (if scheduled)

                                                Period 2:  8:30am – 9:45am

                                                Period 3:  9:50am – 11:20am (includes advisory time)

                                                Period 4:  11:25am – 12:40pm

                                                Period 8:  1:40pm – 3:30pm  (if scheduled)


Wednesday, Aug. 12 -           Period 1:  7am – 8am  (if scheduled)

                                                Period 5:  8:30am – 9:45am

                                                Period 6:  9:50am – 11:20am (includes advisory time)

                                                Period 7:  11:25am – 12:40pm

                                                Period 8:  1:40pm – 3:30pm  (if scheduled)


Thursday, Aug. 13    -           Period 1:  7am – 8am  (if scheduled)

                                                Period 2:  8:30am – 9:45am

                                                Period 3:  9:50am – 11:20am (includes advisory time)

                                                Period 4:  11:25am – 12:40pm

                                                Period 8:  1:40pm – 3:30pm  (if scheduled)


Friday, Aug. 14         -           Period 1:  7am – 8am  (if scheduled)

                                                Period 5:  8:30am – 9:45am

                                                Period 6:  9:50am – 11:20am (includes advisory time)

                                                Period 7:  11:25am – 12:40pm

                                                Period 8:  1:40pm – 3:30pm  (if scheduled)


If a student has a sport, performing art, or CCR class 9th period, the dates and time for the class will be set by the instructor.   



If your student has yet to go through registration, we are having a make-up Drive-Thru Summer Check-In Day on Monday, August 10th from 9am-12pm.  A separate email with all the information will be sent to those families that need to participate in this event.  If you have any questions regarding make-up registration, please contact Mrs. Hinze at khinze@hartdistrict.org.  




Distance learning this Fall will look very different than it did in the Spring.  Our teachers have been very busy preparing for meeting live with all students every day, every period.   This is one of the new expectations for teachers and students.  This is also mandated in Senate Bill 98.  Here are the new items to remember for your students:

  1.  Students are required to check in LIVE with teachers every day, every period.
  2. Attendance is required and will be taken for each period.  If your student cannot check in and be present with their teacher, parents must call in the absence, just as you would during in-person education.
  3. In class assignments and homework will have due dates.  Make sure to utilize a calendar to manage your assignments. 
  4. After the first week, an Afternoon Flex Time (8th period) has been created to assist students by allowing his time to meet virtually with teachers for support and/or intervention.


I have included a bulletin attached to this email that goes over these new important points and includes tips on how to be successful while in distance learning.  I have also included a bulletin for parents as well.  



What has not changed is the need for each student to practice positive digital citizenship.  District and school rules and regulations still hold true during distance learning.  Talk with your student about being respectful, professional, and courteous.  Students cannot record any online instructions as it violates Education Code 51512.  While a student might be at home, they are still part of a school learning environment.  They need to act appropriately.  The Student bulletin I attached to this email goes over these aspects as well.

Our students did a great job of cooperating in the Spring.  We expect our students will rise to these expectations again this school year!  Thank you for your assistance!



Very soon, if it has not already happened, your student’s teachers will be sending out classroom codes to your student’s District email account so they can check in with their teachers starting on day one.  We know that during distance learning there may be technology concerns and/or glitches.  Make sure your student works with their teachers whenever there is an issue.  On Monday, an email specific to several aspects regarding Distance Learning Technology, including device needs, wi



Do you still have an issue with your class schedule?  Do not email your counselor!  Please plan on attending a zoom meeting tomorrow, Monday, August 10th.  Zoom links will be sent out to students today and posted on the counseling website tomorrow morning.  Zoom meetings are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so students will need to be patient and be near their computer the entire timeZoom meetings are limited to 5 min per student and students must be present in the meeting.  Students may not request a change due to teacher or period change



If you have had a schedule change since your summer check-in day and need to exchange a textbook, please come on Tuesday, August 11th from 1:45 -3 pm to the front of campus.  Please park under the solar panels and students only should walk to the main entrance wearing a face mask.  Students must have the COVID screening checklist completed (it will be sent out on Monday in an email) and will have their temperature taken prior to walking on campus.  Students only will be allowed to walk on campus to exchange their textbooks.  Any questions, please contact Mrs. Hinze at khinze@hartdistrict.org.  



The District will be providing meal service for students while we are in distance learning.  I have attached flyer to this email that has all the information including links for applications and advance payments.  This information is also posted on the district website, www.hartdistrict.org.  If you have any questions, please contact the Food Services Office at (661)753-5750.



We sorry that the ASB Webstore has been down and caused a lot of frustration for our families.  With that in mind, we want to help our Wildcat familiesOn Wednesday, August 12th from 1:45 - 3 pm, we will be collecting ASB order forms along with the cash payment in front of the school.  Please come and turn in your orders.  Any questions, please contact Mrs. Hinze at khinze@hartdistrict.org.  



In trying to keep our students and families connected to West Ranch, our award winning WRTV program will be airing a weekly broadcast each Friday at 9:50am on their YouTube channel.  We recommend subscribing to the WRTV YouTube channel so you will get the updates each week.  Thank you to all the talented students and Mrs. Overdevest!



Once again, West Ranch was ranked as one of the Top 5% of High Schools in the Nation according to the 2020 U.S. News and World Report rankings!!  We have an amazing staff with incredible teachers, and above all outstanding students.  With you support, we are looking to do the same this year!



An important part of success in distance learning is for students to stay connected to school.  As a staff we have been working on creating our virtual community, as a classroom, and as a school.  It comes from our teachers getting to know their students, weekly WRTV broadcasts, the Paw Print with new editions, our ASB sponsoring Spirit Weeks and activities, and much more.  We ask that you encourage your student to participate in these events as it will increase their engagement and lead to success in the classroom! 



Let’s have a great 20-21 school year!



Mark Crawford

Principal, West Ranch High School

Relationships – Rigor – Relevance