Student Parking Lot / Drop-Off Info

The education and safety of our students is of paramount importance to all of us at West Ranch.  In the last several months the number of students standing in parking lot at West Ranch has created a safety hazard.  Once students arrive on campus, they are our responsibility.  Beginning Monday, students with a first period will not be allowed back out to their cars in the parking lot.  And students who arrive early will not be allowed to sit in their cars.  Other schools in our district have the same policy. West Ranch is unique because we have tutorial between first and second periods. We need students on campus, instead of the parking lot, so we can keep all students safe.  
Please make sure that you are not stopping along Valencia Boulevard to drop off your student.  This is a No Stopping Zone and there are signs that indicate this.  You need to pull into the parking lot, utilizing the first entrance, to drop off your student.  There have been multiple reports of students being dropped off in the middle of Valencia Boulevard.  Please, for the safety of your student, utilize the student parking lot drop off procedure.  It may take you a little longer, but it is ultimately safer for your student and other drivers.  Thank you for your cooperation.