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New Valencia Blvd Traffic Pattern

We are excited to begin the school year and can’t wait to have students back on campus.

That being said, we know with three schools within a block of each other, traffic can be an issues.  As we get ready for the first day, August 10th, I need you to be aware of the new traffic pattern, and our current student drop-off procedures 

For West Ranch, the traffic flow changes are not as severe as they are for Rancho Pico, but there are three of which to take note. 

First, there are only two traffic flow lanes between Old Rock Road and the end of Valencia Blvd.  This was done to make room for the dedicated right hand turn lanes for the student/parent entrance (the first entrance as you travel West along Valencia Blvd.), and the new dedicated right hand turn lane for the staff entrance (second entrance to West Ranch at the traffic light).  Do not stop along Valencia Blvd. to drop off your student.  This is a No Stopping Zone and there are signs that indicate this.  You need to pull into the parking lot, utilizing the first entrance, to drop off your student.  The reason we have you snake around the parking lot is to pull traffic off of Valencia Blvd, and into our lot.  We have done traffic studies in the past, and this has proven to be the best method for the safety of all those involved. 

Second, there are now two left hand turn lanes at the light at the top of Valencia Blvd and the entrance to Rancho Pico and West Ranch.  The inside left hand turn lane may make a legal U-turn, or turn into Rancho Pico.  The outside left hand turn lane must flow into Rancho Pico. 

Finally, please note that the two lanes of traffic on Valencia Blvd. heading West now continue around where the road ends for a continuous traffic flow.  Please do not park at the base of the hill.  This is where our City Bus Stop is located for West Ranch.

Please, for the safety of your student, pay attention to the new traffic flow and utilize the student parking lot drop off procedure.  It may take you a little longer, but it is ultimately safer for your student and other drivers.  Thank you for your cooperation.