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World Language Instructor

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¡Hola padres! = Hello parents!
In order to ensure the best outcome in the class that your son or daughter is registered, I recommend that you do the following:
  • Everyday your son/daughter walks into my room, the first thing they do is to copy the board, which I call "Meta". "Meta" means our daily goal or daily objective. In the "Meta" you will see the following:                                1 The work we do in class, which is identified by roman numbers.      2.The date, is in Spanish, in case they are absent they can easily ask for     the missed work from a classmate                                                            3. The Homework = "Tarea" in the "Meta". "Tarea" is the last part of the      "Meta", I assign homework everyday.
  • Check your child notebook, at least once a week.
  • The first time you check their "Meta", have your child explain to you: What does each instructions on the roman number means?, and How can you see that the work assigned was completed in class?
By following this advice, you will ensure that your son or daughter does his/her best in my class.