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This Week at West Ranch High School

Good afternoon West Ranch Parents,


The following are events and information for This Week, Graduation Week, at West Ranch, May 23-27. 



Graduation for the Class of 2022 is Tuesday, May 24th @ COC Stadium with the ceremony starting at 7pm.  Gates will be open at 5pm.  More information will be sent Monday afternoon directly to our senior families. 

We will live stream the Graduation ceremony for any family members that cannot attend.  Here is the link for the live stream: https://bit.ly/westranchhs2022



The West Ranch Choir Program will have their Spring Concert this Wednesday, May 25th at 7pm in the West Ranch Performing Arts Theater.  Come out and listen to the beautiful music created by our talented students.



Seniors:  Senior finals are scheduled for Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th.  These are regular schedule days. Seniors last day of school is Friday, May 20th.  There are many activities scheduled for seniors after that date including graduation.  I will be sending a reminder message out to our senior parents discussing all that is to come this month.

Juniors, Sophomores, & Freshmen:  Finals for Juniors, Sophomores & Freshmen will take place Finals week during the last three days of school, May 31 - June 2.  We do have a special schedule for the final exams.  On all three days, students are released by 12:40pm.  Thursday, June 2nd is the last day for all students.  Friday, June 3rd is a teacher work day.  The Finals schedule for that week is attached to this email. 



You can reserve a copy of the 2022 West Ranch High School Graduation Ceremony Video Link. All West Ranch TV Productions are filmed with High Definition professional cameras, complete crystal-clear digital video and sound. Every single West Ranch graduating senior will be featured in the video, making it a great buy to show family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure to reserve your copy today!   

The cost of this year’s video link is $50.00 w/ ASB card and $55.00 without.  The full digital quality video link will be sent to your student email. (Graduation Ceremony Video is already included in the Senior Package.) All Proceeds benefit West Ranch High School Video Production.



Good news! Our Introduction to College Admissions Webinar 2022 has been posted to the Counseling Website. The webinar is designed for 9th-11th grades to give you a general overview of the college admissions process. Thank you to all of you that submitted your questions in advance.

Hang in there Wildcats! Summer is almost here!!!




Congratulations to Christopher Goode for winning the CIF Masters Meet Championship for the Boys 400-meter event with the fastest time recorded in the state this year at 46.75!  Other Wildcats that did well in this weekend’s CIF Masters Meet are Alexis Fernandez finishing 3rd in the Girls 3200, and Bille Issa finishing 4th in the Boys 3200.  Congrats to these amazing athletes and Coach Taylor!  Good luck at the State Meet in Clovis this Saturday!




Mental health isn't just about having or not having a mental illness. Our well-being is affected by all aspects of our lives, and that, in turn, affects how we experience life, work, and time with our loved ones. Now, the conversation is more critical than ever.

 Languishing can be defined as a pervasive feeling of blah-ness that dulls your motivation. The feeling can follow you throughout your day, holding you back from the flourishing life you want. While nothing is wrong, exactly, nothing’s right either. Languishers tend to feel aimless. They scroll through social media, stare at the television, or watch the clock instead of actively engaging in life. People move in and out of a state of languishing over a period of days or weeks. Languishing is most concerning when people get “stuck” in the feeling and don’t have the tools to get themselves out.

Some symptoms include:

·  Feeling disconnected or dissociated from your coworkers

·  Being irritable, confused, or sad

·  Inability to get excited about upcoming projects

·  Difficulty focusing or remembering

·  A sense of emptiness or existential crisis

·  An absence of well-being even though you’re not sick

·  Inability to describe your feelings

·  Feeling as if there’s nothing to look forward to

·  Engaging in risky or inflammatory behaviors to try to break the “blah” feeling

According to Dr. Martin Seligman’s research on flourishing, the best way to move from languishing to flourishing is the PERMA model. Seligman developed PERMA as a short-hand to explain the components of what leads to flourishing. It stands for:

·  Positive emotions

·  Engagement

·  Relationships

·  Meaning

·  Accomplishments 

The idea is that carefully cultivating each of these five areas leads to greater life satisfaction. If you are consciously experiencing more positive emotions, feeling present and engaged, cultivating healthy relationships, finding meaning in what you do, and celebrating, you’re doing more than just getting by. You’re thriving. 




These are events as currently scheduled.  These are subject to change as needed.


May 23rd       

-  Senior Graduation Meeting (9am) West Ranch Gym

May 24th            

- Graduation Rehearsal (7am) @ COC Stadium

- GRADUATION (7pm) @ COC Stadium

May 25th      

- Choir Concert (7pm) @ West Ranch Performing Arts Theater

- Senior Sunset Yearbook Distribution (5pm) Back Athletic Fields @ West Ranch

May 26th     

- No Events Scheduled

May 27th   

- Girls and Boys Track CIF State Prelims (5pm) @ Buchanan High School, Clovis

May 28th         

- Girls and Boys Track CIF State Championships (6pm) @ Buchanan High School, Clovis




Mark Crawford

Principal, West Ranch High School

Relationships – Rigor – Relevance

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