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A Guide To "Family Connection"

West Ranch High School is pleased to introduce Naviance Succeed/Family Connection. Naviance is the premier student success system that is designed to help students and parents plan for college and build a successful career path. Using Naviance will empower our students to take ownership of their future and raise expectations of themselves to better prepare for colleges and careers. You will want to become familiar with this program as it is the primary vehicle you will use to:
  • Research and organize careers
  • Research and organize college
  • Determine what colleges to apply to and search majors
  • Complete surveys to help with college and career searching

We encourage you to explore and familiarize yourself with all the resources in the program. We have summarized the key features for you, as well as created a video to introduce Naviance below:

Watch Video Here


Welcome To Naviance
  • This message will change periodically so please read every time you log-in.
  • This will be where you are notified that there are e-mail messages waiting for you from your Counselors.
  • Contact Us: Use this to email your counselor
  • Document Library: This is where students will find important Word/PDF documents such as A_G requirements, course catalog, graduation requirements, and grade level folders.

  • On left-hand column side, you will find a series of direct links to web pages on the WRHS Website. These pages contain a wide range of information on college admission related topics, workshops, NCAA, COC, and other helpful resources.

Document Library
  • This section is where students will find important word/pdf documents. A-G requirements, Course Catalog, Graduation Requirements, plus grade level documents will all be listed here.

  • On the right-hand side of the page, there is an updates column where we will post pertinent information such as SAT/ACT test dates.
  • Please check this section regularly.


College Research

Under this bar you will find a range of state-of-the-art research tools to help students find the right schools for them.

My Colleges

As you find colleges that interest you, you will add them to your personal list and begin to research the schools in more detail in this section.
  • Colleges I'm thinking about is the section where you save colleges initially while you research them before deciding to apply, or not.
  • Colleges I'm applying to is the section you move the colleges to that you've actually decided to apply to. Once you have moved schools to this category section Naviance will help you track the status of all the application milestones for each college.
  • SUPERMATCH is the link where students can perform an advanced search for colleges using criteria that matter most to them. Select factors in any or all of the categories to help narrow down a list of colleges that match your interests. In order to save your colleges, you must manually save each one. To do this, click the "Add To List" link next to that school on your list of generated schools. That school will show up in the Colleges I'm Thinking About section. This will help keep the colleges you are interested in organized.
  • College Match This tool will allow you to use historical GPA and test score information about students from WRHS and their college applications to match you with colleges that you may want to consider adding to your list. Please note that there are many factors which can affect admissions decisions and the results of this search do NOT GUARANTEE in any way whether or not you will be accepted at a particular college. If a particular college never appears in the results, it may be because no one from West Ranch has ever applied to it.
  • College Compare This tool allows you to compare average grade point averages and test scores for accepted students from WRHS at up to ten colleges. School averages are displayed in green when your number is higher and in red when your number is lower. Your PSAT score, if available, has been converted to the equivalent SAT score and compared to the average single SAT score of an accepted student. The column labeled "Accept" shows the number of students accepted out of the number of students that applied.
  • College Resources This link has a comprehensive range of resources on the following topics: College and Careers, Financial Aid, Test Preparation, College Athletics, and the Military.
  • Scattergrams – this amazing tool allows you to visually see how you compare to other WRHS students who have applied to these colleges based on your grade point average and ACT or SAT score.
  • Acceptance History & College Maps Check out these links to see how many WRHS students have applied, been admitted, and are now attending specific colleges and universities around the United States. FYI - Since this was the first year for WRHS using Naviance, its data base only has historical GPA and test score information from the class of 2011.
  • Enrichment Programs Students should look forward to the summer as an opportunity to pursue interesting, challenging summer courses, or internships, jobs, travel or other engaging activities. These are important components to a student’s resume and there is a huge array of options available to students. To help you find the right opportunity, check out the wide range of programs posted at this link. The most reputable and useful have been linked to this page.
Scholarships & Money

In this section students will find a comprehensive scholarship data base that includes with applications and search engines at the following links: scholarship list, scholarship match, national scholarship search, scholarship applications.
  • What are my interests? In this section students will complete the personality type assessment, and the career interest profiler.
  • Explore Careers Once students have completed the two assessments they will be able to explore their favorite careers by cluster type.


What Are My Interests
  • In this section students will complete the personality type assessment, and the career interest profiler.
  • Each Survey will help students narrow their career, college major, and college. This is a great place to start for students who are not sure where they should begin the process of researching careers/colleges.

Explore Careers
  • Students will be able to explore their favorite careers by cluster type.

  • Students can find out important career data such as: overview of careers, knowledge and skills needed wages, and connection to post secondary education as needed.

Interesting Things About Me This section pulls everything together that students have researched for the start of their Senior Year. This section will be their point of reference throughout the Senior Year to monitor the application process from beginning to end. It includes links to:
  • Favorite Colleges: Same list from college tab.
  • Favorite Careers and Clusters: Same list from careers tab.
  • Personality Type: An in depth survey that links to students personalities and college majors.
  • Resume: Students can create a professional resume.
  • Game Plan: Survey for post-graduation goals.
  • Documents: Students can upload and store Word/PDF documents.
  • Journal: Electronic journal for student documentation.
  • Completed Surveys: List all completed surveys.

Official Things
  • Can update their profile, account and test scores.
  • This section also includes surveys that will be required of all students during their four years.


Below is a schedule of Naviance events. This calendar is subject to change

12th Grade- Naviance college workshop; Senior parent night


9th Grade- Upload WHO I AM

10th Grade- Complete Career Interest Profiler Assessment
11th Grade- Present Naviance College Portal; Complete Personality Type Assessment

12th Grade- Complete Senior Success Plan

9th Grade- Introduce Naviance: set four year goals in Success Planner
9th Grade- Complete 4 Year Academic Plan
10th/11th Grade- College Night, Naviance demonstrated
11th Grade- Build Resume and begin Job Shadow
12th Grade- Complete Senior Survey
12th Grade- Complete Senior Success Plan