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West Ranch High School CSF
Chapter number 1299
Advisor: Laura Solarez
room 303
[email protected]
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The California Scholarship Federation  (CSF) emphasizes high standards of service, scholarship, and citizenship for California high school students. CSF encourages service to the school and community while fostering pride in scholastic achievement.

In 1916, Charles F. Seymour proposed a state-wide organization to honor outstanding high school students. In 1921, the CSF Board of Directors initiated a program with several colleges and universities to award scholarships specifically to CSF Life Members. The California Junior Scholarship Federation was founded in 1967 to honor outstanding junior high students. The rapid growth of CJSF in recent years has greatly strengthened CSF and the joint organization continues to foster the recognition, motivation, and education of academically talented students.

Membership is based on scholarship and citizenship only.  Each semester a new membership drive will take place within the first four weeks of the semester.  Lifetime membership begins the spring semester of the sophomore year.  Students must reapply each semester.  Freshmen may become associate members, however, associate membership does not apply toward lifetime membership (see below for more explanation).

Application Process for Semester Membership:
1.  In order to become a member, the student must submit an application with a copy of their grades (a report card or printout) each semester the student is eligible.   Applications must be submitted by the due date and late applications will not be accepted.  Retroactive membership is prohibited.
2.  Students must earn 10 CSF points from List I-III provided on the application.
3.  Points are earned on grades earned from the previous semester.  I must be able to check your grades!  Please bring a copy of your report card when you turn in your application. Summer school courses are no longer eligible for CSF points.  College courses are not given honors points.

4. 9th graders may become associate members.  This does not count toward lifetime membership status.  Please see information below.
5. Semester Dues:CSF membership semester dues are just $5! Students may pay their five dollar semester semester dues when they turn in their applications. The five dollar yearly due is turned in to the advisor. No Checks. Students must bring cash or a receipt that they paid on-line. Dues contribute towards our annual registration costs, conference atttendence, and senior life-time membership awards.

Requirements for Life Membership:

1.  Life Membership (Sealbearer status) is achieved by qualifying for chapter membership for four of the six semesters, 10th spring semester -12th spring semester, in the last three years of high school, and earns the CSF gold Seal on diplomas and transcripts.   Students must reapply for membership EVERY SEMESTER.

2.  If the student’s grades earned during spring semester of the senior year would quality the student for membership, the student will be given an application at the end of the spring semester to fill out out submit in order to be recognized at graduation. The advisor will contact you if you fit into this category.

    Each year colleges and universities throughout the United States award scholarships to CSF Life (Sealbearer status) Members. These students are also eligible to be nominated by the chapter adviser for the Seymour Memorial Award.

Requirements for Associate Membership:

1.  Follow the guidelines for the application process

2.  Associate members shall be second semester ninth graders and first semester tenth graders whose grades meet the CSF requirement and have earned 10 CSF points.

3. No student may be an associate member after the first sophomore semester.  Associate membership cannot count toward life (Sealbearer) membership.