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Nicole Kim » I.C.STEM (Inspired and Connected by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

I.C.STEM (Inspired and Connected by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Congratulations to ICSTEM Senior Cord Qualifiers:
Tina H., Nicole P. , Mansi G.,    Noelle S.,   Katie J.,     Hailey F.,    Emma O.,    Madison Del.,   Ashley K.,   Mitali S., Tresa V., Shehreen H., Julianne A., Tia G.
**Please pay for your cord ($6) and bring your receipt to the senior celebration meeting on 4/24 in room 504 to receive your cord
Who We Are
I.C.STEM (Inspired and Connected by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for girls at West Ranch High school is a club with a vision to inspire female students who are academically committed to pursuing STEM fields (which are currently male-dominated) for their future career and connect the students with outstanding STEM-related professionals who love what they do. We have invited prestigious speakers from the STEM field to West Ranch to share about their career, their passion, and their roles in their field. We also encourage our members to maintain a high GPA as STEM fields require academic commitment.
Meet Our Team
Our team is made of female students with one goal in mind... to purse STEM fields and inspire other girls to join the vision!
The officers are made of female students who are committed in school and involved in extracurricular activities, such as West Ranch TV, ASB, Golf, Orchestra, and Charity, California Scholarship Federation, National Honors Society, and many more. 
2019-2020 Officers
2018-2019 Officers
Our Sponsors:
Dr. Brian J. Kim, Orthodontic Specialist
The Blanco Law firm PC, specialized in brain injuries
Speakers for 2018-2019

-Mrs. Lauren Na, Assistant Dean of Academics and Personnel at UCLA, College of Letters and Sciences 

-Dr. Bud Lawrence,  Emergency Medicine Specialist Henry Mayo Urgent Care Head Director and Owner

-Dr. Shukan Kanuga, Dr. Stephen Hirano, Pediatric dentists

-Dr. Brian Kim (Sponsor of the Club), Orthodontist

- Mrs. Nicole Holland, Director of US Clinical Services Boston Scientific Neuromodulation (Bio Technology Company)

-Mrs. Wenhsiu Fan Hassan, Engineer IT (Information Technology) at Bank of America, degree in environmental Engineering from CalTech 

Some general topics covered at the speaker presentation:

  1. The speaker's position/roles/ description of what they do.
  2. The highlight of their job.
  3. Why their role is important.
  4. What they like about their job.
  5. If female, what's it like to be a female in a male dominant career.
  6. Steps to get to where they are.
  7. When did they know if the career was for them.
  8. What high school students should do now to explore if the STEM career is for them or have a taste of the career/ field.
  9. The speakers are asked to bring in photos of him/her at work, and anything that they would like to share about their career (handouts, brochures of their office/company, etc.). 
*Please note, although our club's vision is to encourage female students to purse the STEM field, we do welcome male students and non-club members who want to attend the speaker presentation. More inspired people to improve their future, the brighter future we all will share!  


Club Meeting with STEM Career Speaker 1

Assistant Dean from UCLA

lunch WRTheater


 STEM Majors


Club Meeting with STEM Career Speaker 2

Dr. Bud Lawrence

lunch room 409


 Medical (ER/Urgent Care)


Club Meeting with STEM Career Speaker 3

Dr. Shukan Kanuga, Dr. Stephen Hirano,

Dr. Brian Kim 

lunch room 504

May be at the Theater

 Pediatric Dentistry



Club Meeting with STEM Career Speaker 4

Boston Scientific 

lunch room 504

May be at the Theater

Medical Lab/ Surgical Engineering


Club Meeting with STEM Career Speaker 5

Mrs. Wenhsiu Fan Hassan

lunch room 504

May be at the Theater



Optional/ Senior Celebration meeting

The senior officers and senior members will share out their tips on successful high school years, time management, and college application.

*Senior cord qualifiers, please bring your receipt of your cord payment to the meeting to receive your cord

lunch room 504

 Optional meeting for the junior members; can be counted as a make up attendance towards cord requirement

 Senior Checklist

Senior -Cords

  1. Must be a student body member.
  2. Must actively participate in club meetings. (at least 4 out of 5 meetings; Must check in and check out to verify the attendance; The number of years and the number of meetings attended by the member will be checked by the Secretary for that respected year on the official club spreadsheet.
  3. Must wear our club shirt to every speaker presentation. The shirts are available through the ASB online store from September 29, 2019
  4. Must Maintain 3.75 weighed GPA.

 Officer Position

    1. Must have obtained outstanding member status (min. 3.75 weighed GPA; at least 80% of attendance)

    2. Must have served as an intern (Job shadow) for at least a month or served as an officer (All officers must apply and be     elected  every year). For internship:  Reach out to the President at a speaker meeting.

    3. Apply for the position in spring (TBA); Senior officers and the Founder/ President interview and vote.

In order to obtain recognition at graduation…

 Senior CORDS

  •      Student must obtain a GPA of 3.75 cumulative weighted, which will be submitted their senior year to the advisor of the club, and will be held confidential.
  •      Student must be an official member of the club for a minimum of two complete years.
  •      Must be a member of the club for a minimum of 2 years
  •       Note, the exception of the Class of 2019, as this club will be established for its first year in 2018-2019.
Meet the Founder of ICSTEM
Charlotte Kim, the founder and president of the club, founded I.C.STEM in summer 2018, after attending a STEM camp called Tech Trek.   She was one of a few middle school girls who were selected (by an interview process) by the AAUW (American Association of University Women)  to attend. The one week long camp was inspiring and gave her a vision to pursue her future career in a STEM field and she in turn, wanted to inspire other girls. Out of all the activities at the camp, meeting professionals such as a NASA engineer, medical professional, etc. left her with great confidence that she can pursue any STEM career if she puts her mind to it. As you are reading this, she's looking for and contacting some awesome role models as the speakers for this year and beyond, and all of the officers are hard at work looking for ways to inspire the student body at West Ranch. Come join our cause, and you will be inspired and connected!