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Registration Day Process

Important Reminder

Please make sure you have completed the SIGNATURE FORM in the Pre-Registration Tab

Your Student will not be allowed to register on their Registration Processing Day 

until this is complete.




Items to Bring on Processing Day

(schedule found below in the 2022 Summer Registration Schedule table)


  • Receipt from ASB Webstore (Optional)
    • ALL Grades:
      • Link: WRHS Apparel Home Page 
    • Seniors ONLY:
      • Link: Class of 2022 Apparel
    • Freshmen ONLY: this needs to be completed by July 20th to have a shirt at registration
      • Link: Class of 2025 T-Shirt Order (Free)
  • Checks (Payable to PAC) or Cash for Family Membership to WRHS Parent Advisory Council ($25)
  • Checks (Payable to WISH) or Cash for WISH Educational Foundation Donation (Any Amount)
  • Receipts from O’Connor (School and/or Senior Pictures)   Link Here
  • Items to bring to receive your Motor Vehicle Parking/Student Parking Pass (10th, 11th 12th Grade Only)
  • Copy of Current Car Insurance 
  • Copy of Current Car Registration 
  • Student Driver’s License 



Student's Registration Processing Day/Time: Scroll down to see the Student Check-In Schedule


All Students will check-in at the Theater Gate Entrance (see map below) on their Registration Processing Day/Time in School Dress Code Attire.


Parents are not required to be in Attendance.

Registration Process Image



  • Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  • Harassment and Discrimination Form (in R & R Handbook)
  • Drug and Alcohol Free School (in R & R Handbook)
  • HIV Letter (in R & R Handbook)
  • CADRE Letter (in R & R Handbook)
  • Directory Exclusion Form (in R & R Handbook)


Alpha Check-In Picture